Current Partners in India

Though I only began my current role last month, I have been representing 2Way Development in India for over a year now. As part of this, I have had the opportunity to visit many fantastic NGOs working in a wide range of different sectors, and I thought that this would be a good chance to show some of these organisations and the areas in which they operate.

Children’s Issues

We have many partners focusing on children, working in both urban and rural areas, and in northern and southern states. Some – like Shaishav, the organisation that I volunteer with – focus on child rights and participation. Others focus on education and schooling, while others still provide a safe home for those living in high-risk environments.

Girls learning about the solar system through a game made by Shaishav

Children in class in an experimental rural school

Boys together during a local festival

Children playing outside a rural school


We have several partners focusing on health issues. These include rural health organisations, operating hospitals for local people, and organisations focusing on physical and mental disabilities, both for adults and children.

Mobile clinic providing basic healthcare to village communities

Woman waits to get her baby weighed during a monthly checkup

Child receiving special education classes

“Special Friends” with a variety of different disabilities, participating in activity workshop

Human Rights

Our human rights partners include organisations facilitating and supporting workers unions, and organisations working to protect vulnerable groups from the Indian legal system through support and education.

Human Rights Training

Human Rights Law Library

Rural Development

Several of our partners work on rural development topics, including setting up women’s self-help-groups, installing sanitation facilities and providing self-employment training and opportunities such as sewing or handicraft making.

Countryside of Eastern Gujarat

Women’s Self Help Group

Sewing Training

These photos represent just a few of the organisations that we work with in India, and we are regularly adding new partners to our network. Over the next few months we are hoping to add new organisations working on rural development, environmental issues, skills development and many other areas. We are always looking for new partners with different volunteer needs.


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