A Year at 2Way Development


It has now been a year since I started working as 2Way Development’s South Asia placement manager. In this year we’ve seen a great deal of change. We have created partnerships with 17 new Indian and Nepali NGOs working in a wide variety of different fields. This includes organisations working on projects surrounding environmental conservation, water and sanitation, upcycled fashion, investigative journalism, migrant rights, work placements for disabled persons, childcare and land rights.

The past year has seen 21 volunteers working in South Asia, contributing over 90 months of voluntary work. These volunteers have had an incredible impact on the organisations we work with and their beneficiaries. Stephen used his journalism experience to write 16 articles for magazines and websites to increase exposure of the charitable hospital where he was working. Angela evaluated and documented the work of a women’s empowerment programme in rural Gujarat. Emily took part in the Bangalore 10k Marathon, not only running but also personally raising £1,200 for her charity.


Ali has been implementing new project management and management information systems for the child rights NGO where she works. Abigail has been writing a major report on the progress of the Karnataka State Human Rights Commission. Brian is conducting research on the impact of youth migration on the women left behind in rural tribal communities. Alice is working on preparing a selection of case studies on water and its relationship with communities and institutions. In addition, funding proposals totalling hundreds of thousands of pounds have been developed, many of which have been successful. Finally, at least four volunteers have been offered jobs by the NGOs they were volunteering with.

Over the next few months we have many new volunteers arriving to begin placements. Some of the tasks that these volunteers will be working on include monitoring work placements for persons with disabilities, business development of rural livelihood programmes, implementing UNICEF projects for the development of child-friendly schools, providing training on childcare techniques and marketing the textile products produced by women’s self help groups. It’s been an exciting time at 2Way Development and I hope that the next year will be just as interesting.


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