Cambodia – Escape from the city

This is admittedly a little bit lazy on my part, but reblogging one of the posts by our former placement manager in Cambodia seems like a great way to begin introducing our South East Asia work into this blog!

2Way Development: South-East Asia

There are a multitude of options for expat-travellers living in Phnom Penh, who find they have the week off work (thank you Cambodian public holidays) and want to escape. Kep is a firm favourite, and is connected to Kampot and Sihanoukville by coastal road. All are within a five-hour bus or taxi ride from the capital. For those with a sense of adventure, or with an ego complex, there is the option of hiring motorbikes and being your own boss (i.e. not having to wait an hour for a man with a drove of pigs to turn up and take his seat next to you).

You can also be in charge of coffee stops along the way. Losing as much fluid as one does covered from head-to-toe and sporting the truly safety-tested helmet (yes Mum, it is legit), these breaks are a must.


When the outskirts of Phnom Penh –…

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